Level Up with House Cleaning Technician Certification
You've started your house cleaning business. Now what? The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International has ALL the information you need to run a successful home cleaning business.
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Level Up with House Cleaning Technician Certification

26 Jan Level Up with House Cleaning Technician Certification

You own a residential cleaning company. You are a professional. But as we all know – there is always more to know, education and learning never stop. The House Cleaning Technician Training & Certification are your opportunity to become more than a professional, become an expert.

“The HCT is the master class,” Bruce Vance explained. “You are a professional because you get paid for the work you do, but this class takes you to an expert level.”

Bruce Vance, along with his wife Sarah, owns Town and Country Cleaning Services in Chapel Hill, NC. They were part of the team that developed the HCT course and Bruce is the current instructor for the course.

The HCT class is an intensive 2-day course that takes a deep dive into the science behind the cleaning, making this class much different than any other.

“The HCT is not one person’s idea of how to do things. The Course description is a collaboration of representatives from the residential industry, equipment and cleaning agent manufacturers, with input from flooring and other surface manufactures and microbiologists,” Bruce said. “Every question on the exam must be documented and the whole process is overseen by an international standard setting body. The class is continuously updated as new information becomes available.”

The course teaches cleaning professionals the many things they need to know, arming you with the knowledge you need to save your company thousands of dollars. “Did you know that using the wrong cleaning agent on some surfaces can cause $10,000 in damage in just a few minutes?,” Bruce asked, explaining that some companies will learn this the hard way.

Other questions addressed include:

  • Are you really disinfecting or merely making the germs antimicrobial resistant?
  • Did you know different germs need different dwell times to kill? Do you know what dwell times are?
  • Are there soils you shouldn’t try to clean up without extra training? What about mold?
  • Are steam mops usable on all vinyl floors, or have problems developed with some?
  • Are your granite countertops feeling gritty? It could be the wrong cleaning agent.

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