Alonzo Adams Completes Term as Chair of Residential Cleaning Council
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Alonzo Adams Completes Term as Chair of Residential Cleaning Council

11 Mar Alonzo Adams Completes Term as Chair of Residential Cleaning Council

After serving as chair of the ISSA Residential Cleaning Council since 2019, Alonzo Adams’ term has ended, and he will be stepping down from the council. Alonzo’s contributions to ARCSI have been very significant over the years. In addition to serving as council chair the past two years, Alonzo was a President of ARCSI for two terms and served as a member ARCSI’s Emeritus Council.

Alonzo is also among the many leaders that helped to found ARCSI and create an association for residential cleaning companies, seeing the need for a structured community for the industry.

“ARCSI would not exist were it not for the progressive and visionary thinking of the founding members of ARCSI — and Alonzo is a very prominent member of that group,” said Erin Lasch, ARCSI Program Manager.
Alonzo also provided leadership and helped the residential cleaning community navigate challenges related to the

COVID-19 pandemic over the past year specifically. Leading a Town Hall meeting last April when the future seemed so uncertain, Alonzo provided a calm voice during the storm and urged members to rely on their ARCSI family and community.

Last year, he also stepped up and offered insight into another issue facing our country – civil unrest. “ARCSI has been a community that cares and supports each other. I hope we show that same care and support for one another as we face racial differences,” Alonzo wrote in his chair’s column last summer. “We hold meetings and webinars to discuss the effects of the pandemic, but we should not miss this opportunity to do the same to create unity.”

Again, we thank Alonzo for his contributions and for giving us so much of himself. We are all the better for it – but I also know that he will not be a stranger to ARCSI going forward!

Please join me in thanking Alonzo with a personal message on our Facebook page.