How to Prepare for your Cleaning Service
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How to Prepare for your Cleaning Service

13 Nov How to Prepare for your Cleaning Service

By Yusuf Mehmetoglu, Maid Bright

When you hire a professional company to clean your home, you not only save the time and hassle of cleaning your home, but will rest assured knowing that the professionals will take care of your home. In order to get the most out of your cleaning service, there is a small amount of preparation you can make before their arrival.

1. Most professional cleaning services recommend consumers try to be home if it is their initial cleaning visit with the service provider. This would enable them to check the cleaning job and provide any feedback for future cleanings.

2. You can always request to get the same cleaning crew at your convenience. Your cleaning service maybe able to send the same crew if you are willing to switch days or rotation. You may need to be prepare to have a different cleaning crew if you have requested the cleaning on an odd schedule such as every three weeks etc.

3. Always remember to update your contact information with your service provider if you are using a cleaning service on a regular basis. They will keep you informed with the confirmations. You may also get a follow-up call or e-mail to ensure your expectations have been met.

4. Cleaning companies would like to focus on your cleaning, it will be very helpful if you put away your personal belongings and de-clutter any surfaces the day before the cleaning to get the best possible result from your service. They may not be able to clean partially or entire areas due to liability issues.

5. Your cleaning company will review any instructions given from you on the day of the service; therefore, you can always send an e-mail or call ahead of time if you have any last minute instructions. Remember to provide any feedback as needed to your service provider so that they can keep track of their crews’ performance. Some cleaning companies may give incentives to their employees to keep them motivated.

6. You can always ask your service provider to use your own cleaning equipment or supplies if you have any preferences to avoid any inconveniences. Some households prefers environmentally safe cleaning while other home owners prefer old fashioned cleaning supplies.

Yusuf Mehmetoglu is the owner of Maid Bright, a residential cleaning company that is based out of Sterling, Virginia. Find out more about Maid Bright at